COMCAD (COmputational Modeling of Chemical Agent Dispersion) /MOCHA (Modeling Of the CHemical Agent transport and spread) is a multi-phase multi-species code for the transport and transfer of liquid chemicals within porous materials.

The computational model solves mass, momentum, and energy equations for each species and all phases (solid, liquid, and gas) on a finite difference mesh, simultaneously in real time.

  1. Based on Runge-Kutta fourth order explicit method that solves the governing equations in the transformed computational coordinates
  2. Explicit transient finite difference algorithm
  3. Newton’s law of motion coupled with the fluid flow
  4. Analytical solution for the liquid bridge spread (Two domain problem)
  5. Adaptive dynamic meshing to account for droplet topology variation during the spread (sandwiching process)
  6. Linked to NASA Thermofile for properties
  7. Evaporation model
  8. Extensively validated with laboratory and open air experiments
  9. Linked to an artificial neural network code to create a fast response tool