For 35+ years SEA has provided outstanding analysis, modeling, code development, and training

Sale and Support

SEA, Inc. provides the sale and support for all of its products. The cost varies from code to code and can be acquired by using our contact information.


Due to the complexity of the computer codes and/or engines, SEA’s can assist the customers to develop the baseline input files for complex motors, engines, or cases of their interest.

Customization and Code Modification

SEA. Inc. regularly adds user-required features to our software to expand their capabilities within the framework of these codes. Several recent examples include:

  • Computation of the motor grain perimeter and surface, dual propellant option, “straws” hollow tube grain design macro, fast burning “wire” macro
  • Ignition transient and TAB
  • Code conversion for different platforms
Training Classes
  • SEA, Inc. provides training for all software at our facilities or at customers’ locations.
  • For codes sold to International customers, training classes are mandatory, and are typically conducted on-site in conjunction with installation.

Client relationships

Domestic Customers:

Aerojet Propulsion Company
Anser Corporation
Coleman Research Corporation
Computer Sciences Corporation
CPIA, Johns Hopkins University
Lockheed Missiles & Space Company
MSIC, Redstone Arsenal
NASA/Glenn Research Center
NASA/Johnson Space Center
NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center
NASA/Stennis Space Center
Naval Air Warfare Center
Naval Surface Warfare Center
NGC/TRW Systems Corporation
Quoin International
Rockwell International
Sverdrup Technology
UTC/Pratt & Whitney
Universal Propulsion Company
US Army Watervliet Arsenal

International Customers:

Astrium/EADS, Germany
Bayern-Chemie, Germany
Bristol Aerospace, Canada
CNES, France
DLR, Germany
DREV, Canada
DSTO, Australia
Avio Group, Italy
NOF, Japan
ONERA, France
Raufoss, Norway
TNO, The Netherlands
Volvo, Sweden